Anna Downing

Every circumstance and relationship can add value to your story. There is power in finding meaning and hope in all situations despite how painful or challenging they may be. When we feel alone, stuck, or mentally unbalanced we can lose sight of the meaning that was gained in times of suffering. The power of perspective, equipped with the appropriate tools and accompanied by a strong support system has empowered me as well as many others to overcome atrocities with strength and newfound confidence. I personally decided to find meaning and growth despite a history of trauma, difficult social and familial relationships, marital challenges, postpartum recovery, grief, self-esteem development, and navigating through the demands of school and work. I invite you to find that as well.

You have the human prerogative to find purpose and significance in all aspects of your life. I will passionately strive to create a safe space for you to voice yourself. Together we will find the proper tools and the necessary encouragement for you to obtain hope, peace, joy, and strength amidst any encumbrance. I hope to walk alongside you on your journey and look forward to it!

Anna Downing is currently pursuing her Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling at Purdue University Northwest. She utilizes an eclectic and holistic approach to therapy; she draws from a myriad of theoretical orientations and techniques that are tailored specifically to your needs.