Natalie Hayes

Hello! I understand that choosing a therapist is not only an important decision, but can be daunting as well. I believe that change begins with the first call to schedule an appointment, so congratulations! I would like to think of myself as a highly flexible person when it comes to therapy. I take on an eclectic approach, and am always open to learning new techniques and information. I utilize some techniques from cognitive behavioral, client centered, and mindfulness, and motivational interviewing therapies. I do have some specific beliefs about the therapy process. The foundation of any good relationship is built upon trust. I acknowledge that it is highly vital for this professional relationship to be one built upon trust and security so that clients can feel comfortable and safe while expressing themselves. I understand that this comfort level may take one person longer than another and realize that clients often come to therapy to share secrets or traumas that have never been shared before. I believe that it is of absolute necessity that clients work through traumatic events in order to free themselves from the past, provide themselves with a sense of peace, and move forward. Healing can be found in the therapeutic relationship and by addressing unresolved issues. It is also very important to focus on the thought process. Internal thoughts are directly linked to our feelings. Without addressing unhealthy and distorted thoughts and beliefs, our mood suffers and this mood surely affects our behavior and motivation. I am excited to explore how problems can be addressed, together, as a team. I know less about you than you know about yourself. I would like to be the person who respects that you are the true master of your life and problems, but may need some guidance on achieving change and reaching goals. Together, we can work on you achieving your best possible life.

I obtained my Masters degree in Education with a focus on School Counseling in 2009 from Purdue University. I later returned to Purdue to complete additional course work in the Mental Health program in order to qualify to become a licensed mental health counselor. I am currently licensed in the state of Indiana as mental health counselor. I have spent many years working on achieving a broad range of mental health experience. I have worked on a psychiatric inpatient unit with adults with severe mental illness. I spent some years working at a hospital, evaluating incoming patients seeking mental health or substance abuse treatment. I have worked as a case manager with a foster care agency, assisting foster parents, as well as in an independent living setting with adults who had mental health difficulties. I have worked in the school as a school counselor and spent a brief time assisting a child with severe autism as a psychiatric technician. I have spent the most recent years as a therapist, working with women, children, and foster parents who have been involved with Child Protective Services. I have enjoyed each position that I have held in the field and feel that it has assisted in my growth as a well rounded, empathic therapist.