I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over twenty years of experience working with children, adolescents, and young adults. I obtained my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago, and my Master’s of Arts in Counseling from Valparaiso University. I have worked in nearly every level of care that deals with children and adolescents (crisis hotline, inpatient psychiatric hospital, residential treatment facility, juvenile detention center, alternative school), and will coordinate treatment with family doctors, psychiatrists, and school officials. I have experience working with families looking to obtain an Individual Education Plan for their child, and will work with the family and school to assist in the process. I have extensive knowledge of psychotropic medication when it comes to children and adolescents, and have years of experience coordinating care with pediatricians and psychiatrists.

I provide individual, family, and group therapy, and utilize an eclectic approach in working with your child in order to obtain the greatest level of mental health functioning. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assist with anxiety and depression. I have experience in utilizing play therapy with younger children, and utilize creative arts in therapy to help clients who don’t do as well with verbal communication, and express their thoughts and feelings through creativity and art. I also utilize Mindfulness a great deal to help children and families learn to better utilize their strengths in the present moment, and take a Family Systems approach to better help families achieve the highest level of functioning possible.

I am comfortable treating all ages when it comes to children and adolescents, and have experience with a wide range of topics, including: depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation/attempt, self-harm, LGBTQ issues, questioning of gender and/or sexuality, ADHD, autism, sensory integration disorders, trauma including sexual and physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect. I also have experience when it comes to children of addicted parents and children of alcoholics.

If you are looking for an advocate for your child, looking for someone to help navigate the school system or the mental health treatment system, or simply looking for individual and/or family therapy for your child, feel free to send me an email or call our office to schedule an appointment. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!