Shannon Shay SmithWe all have the power to obtain healthy relationships, optimal wellness, a strong voice, and the ability to show resilience over trials. My work has solely been to enlighten and enhance those inner abilities. I hold my clients accountable and point out discrepancies that foster unwanted thoughts, emotions, behaviors, or outcomes. I have a direct solution focused approach. My first step is building therapeutic rapport with my clients and creating measurable and attainable goals. We will work towards creating your version of happiness and peace. I am committed to providing a non-judgmental space where there is no right or wrong answer. Choosing a therapist can illicit anxiety, feelings of guilt or dread. I totally understand which is why I am even more inclined to shift that narrative of therapy. No matter if you walk through my door as a couple considering separation, a teenager lost on your path, a college student gripped by the expectations of adulthood, a family coping with internal conflict or a child that witnessed one of their parents enduring violence or trauma, I validate your experiences and humbly take on the task to help you on your journey.