I was having a rough day, really rough day and actually thought death was the way out for me, while on the computer I contemplated all of this. Then thought maybe I should speak to someone about my problems. Checked insurance sight for references. I came across Trinity counseling. I picked up the phone to call. It was just my luck that for some reason Dawn was there at an unusual time for her that day. She talked with me for a while on the phone, saved me from my thoughts of that day and set up an appointment with me right away. Since then Dawn has helped me see the strong woman who lives inside me, and just how important I am not just to myself but others in my life as well. My life still is not perfect, but as I continue to see Dawn, I know that one day it will be, she not only helps me but others in my family as well, with her warm welcomed feelings, we all trust and have much faith in her work with us, and feel like she really does care. LL

– client