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What is Therapy?

Therapy, or mental health counseling, is a service provided by a licensed mental health therapist designed to help you navigate and manage distressing symptoms. It’s a safe space for you to adjust to major life changes and work through challenging problems. A major goal of therapy is to enhance your mental well-being, equip you with new skills, and facilitate changes in problematic behaviors. You’re not alone in this journey; consider us your partners in your path to improved mental well-being.

Why Is Therapy Beneficial?

What Happens At My First Session?

How Many Therapy Sessions Will I Need?

What If My Therapist Isn’t a Good Fit for Me?

What Should I Do If I’m In a Crisis or Emergency Situation?

“Make personal growth a daily priority”
– John C. Maxwell

You were not created to navigate life’s challenges alone. We are here to walk alongside you.

Life Transitions

Deciding to make some changes in
your life? We are here to guide you
through those transitions.

Trauma, Anxiety
& Depression

Counseling provides personalized
coping strategies and insights, fostering
resilience and healing for those grappling
with Trauma, Anxiety and Depression.

Relationship, Pre-Marital & Marriage Counseling

A team is two or more
forces coming together
for a common goal.

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